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The Cha Cha Clip is a quick and easy way to make my hair look smart and neat in seconds. My blonde Cha Cha clip matches my colour perfectly, blending and in and giving the illusion of a perfect braid holding up my hair. I wear my Cha Cha Clip all the time - whether I’m going to work, running errands or heading to a special event, I can always rely on the Cha Cha Clip to hold my hair perfectly in place!

Jolene K.

I love my Cha Cha Clip and use it everyday. Great quality and makes a simple ponytail look elegant and polished! Would highly recommend and will definitely be buying another colour soon.

Niki Boyd

As a dental hygienist I am used to keeping my hair back up at work. So, it has always been important to me to find something that will work for my fine hair and keep it tight. Luckily, I have had a chance to try these Cha Cha Clips which are obviously made with lots of care and attention to detail. They are very easy to use and my hair is not slipping out of them all day. Also matches my hair beautifully. Thankyou so much for a wonderful hair accessory.


I absolutely adore my Cha Cha clip, and love that it matches my hair colour. The clip is high quality and durable. It was exactly what I wanted and I have received so many compliments on it. Highly recommend purchasing.

Jill McL

An amazingly well made hair clip that is so unique. I have seen nothing else like it on the market. I love that it’s made with real hair, that you can match to your hair colour and it looks like you’ve done something really clever with your own hair. The clip itself is the best I’ve ever used, it secures all my hair in a ponytail and it holds it all without any effort or any movement, or I can just use it to accessorise. Well worth the money.

Jenny McCarter

I enjoy wearing this clip casually but it also looks great if I'm dressed up and going out. Very well made and a great range of colours.

Mildred McGregor

A unique, attractive accessory that adds interest to a wide variety of hairstyles, A creative clip with tones similar to my own hair colour, Perfect for work, formal or fun holiday look.

Judith Craythorne

I love the Cha Cha Clip as it gives me a finished up-style with ease, and my hair feels secure as the clip is so strong. For everyday use, I go with my golden-brown Cha Cha Clip, but for evenings and up styles, I like to add some drama with my pink Cha Cha Clip.

R. Neill

Absolutely love my Cha Cha Clip! It’s so stylish and I’ve had many compliments. It’s very robust, stays in all day, even during my Pilates class

Karen McFerran

I love this clip that Sharon created. It is elegant and comfortable. More importantly, it keeps my fly away hairs looking good and in control all day.

Rosemary Moorehead

A fabulously innovative product. I love that it matches my own hair colour perfectly. The beautiful ornate design with a robust firm clip holds my thick hair in place all day. I love Sharons hairclip and highly recommend it as a quality product.

Lorraine Gibson